Cowrie Collage

Looking for a little project, I came across a collage challenge with a very simple brief by the Edinburgh Collage Collective. The challenge is to make a collage using a matchbox as the anchor point. I’ve made something beaded of course with elements of the prints me and the bairn made recently. This also incorporates cowries ad the tree from home. Took some quick images tonight and will take better shots and submit the images tomorrow.

A Good Day

I had a really good day. I quite like being confined to our lovely house. We finished a decorating job that had been on the to do list for months.

I got a little bit of work done on a collaboration project with a friend who lives a long way away. We’re finding our way in terms of managing remote collaboration.

Frances and I made some great collages. I love cutting and sticking with her.

It’s a while since I posted any actual jewellery as I’ve been living in my sketchbooks. Time to start up some new collections.

Let’s see what I’ve got in the vaults…

This is new

So here I am, working from home for the foreseeable. At home with the bairn, trying to work and supervise. We’ll be grand. She’s full of ideas.

I think I’ll get some making done. At the end of my work day I’ll finish work and instantly be in my workshop (dining room). I have plans, maybe this is the end of procrastination time.


How I love Instagram. I use it to show works in progress, my processes and the daily ins and outs of my work.

Somehow it’s free and easy like a sketchbook used to capture fleeting thoughts and impressions.

I’ll freely confess that I live scrolling over my grid as I can see my development and that of my various projects.

That, and I can access the work and machinations of other creatives who are also struggling, triumphing and jubilant and it gives me joy.

Visit me so I can see what you’re working on 🙂


Back to basics

I’ve had a quiet period where I haven’t been so productive lately. When I need to get back on the horse I draw. Most of the time this breaks the hiatus and I pick up the making too.

The drawing below is a work in progress in my favourite felt pen. It’s a collab by me and the bairn.

I’m doing colour studies for another colab involving resin shape by a friend of mine. The shapes are fire red and gold so I’m thinking turquoise and purple.

Gyre Bracelet

Gyres are circular ocean currents driven by the earths wind patterns. Within gyres rafts of detritus form which are conveyed by gyres around the worlds oceans. There is so much plastic in the oceans that I imagine gyres, which used to gather timber and seaweed, are now predominantly gathering industrial plastics. Nets, bouys, rope and other jetsum, a riot of high visibility colours creating something darkly beautiful.