Grey Seal Skin Sea Urchin Bracelet


The noir filter changed my pale freckly skin into what looks like grey seal skin. The bracelet in colour looks very different, seeing it black and white makes me think that I need to try a greyscale version. Good excuse to buy some more beads.



Blue Suffolk Puff Necklace

Such a long time since I posted anything here, I have been working on new projects but haven’t blogged them. Time to post a few pieces again.

The first is this navy blue necklace. I found the making very satisfying. I have a stack of suffolk puffs as these are something I like to make unthinkingly in the evening. They are nice elements to be incorporated along with my sea urchins and I really enjoyed putting this piece together. I usually make bracelets as these are quicker and more popular but I enjoy taking the time to make necklace. Necklaces take longer and are a bit more challenging.