St Drostan Bangle

This bangle had a couple of outings over the summer. First at The Coast Festival in Banff and then at an arts show in the Episcopal Church in Strichen. I’d never been in the church before. It has a beautiful painted ceiling and an amazing hand made and embroidered altar piece. The work of real crafts people.

The bangle is an example of something new I’ve been developing. I’ve always enjoyed photography and I’ve been trying to find a way to combine the two and three dimensional this is the first step along the way. I need to work on the proportion of photograph and beadwork but I’m happy with this first step along the way.

The photograph is taken on New Aberdour beach standing at St Drostan’s well.┬áSt Drostan used the water from the spring that feeds this well in baptisms.

IMG_0386 IMG_0387 IMG_0388



First attempt at realising a necklace that has existed only as a sketch for years. Aquila is a 3 star constellation which contains a star called Altair. This piece of bead embroidery will form the off-centre of the necklace. I think I will try the centre piece again before working on the neckpiece, this first attempt is chunkier that I envisioned. I’ll put a lovely back on this piece and convert it into a brooch.