Flint Necklace

The more I look at this necklace the more I feel like it’s not over. I need to go back and get into it again. I think it needs a dark thread to pull it all together and the cluster of gun metal urchins has to go to make way for more pink and red urchins. It’s also crying out for a crusting of pearls.

I need to resume scouring the charity shops for strings of pearls.

Find Me Keep Me

Find Me Keep Me

30th March will see the work of 52 local artists distributed around cathedral square in Peterborough. My contribution will be these earrings. I’m hoping to complete 15 pairs by Thursday. The packaging’s all ready so just need to sew and glue for the next couple of evenings.

Lincoln and Grantham Cabinet

Lincoln and Grantham Cabinet

On a day out to Skegness we stopped off in Louth on the way home. James and I came across a really great antique shop where I spent a happy hour trawling for things I couldn’t live without. I’m a sucker for small wooden cabinets and boxes. I had bought this 12inch cabinet in a table top sale in Skegness and then picked up some antiqued ordinance survey maps in Louth. At the time of purchase I had no plans to combine the two. Later as I unpacked the bag containing the cabinet and maps I thought how beautiful a tiny map covered cabinet would be. I thought it would be a quick project, little did I know it was to take me about 5hours. There were quite a few knobbly bits and lining the interior was quite tricky. I’m really pleased with the cabinet now, it makes the perfect display cabinet for my large beaded Sea Urchins.